Ryan Long is Challenged

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Ryan Long (of The Johnstones) is now the star of his own satire reality TV show that premiered on Bite TV on Sunday, July 6th at midnight and his partner in crime, Jarek Hardy, is the host and writer for the show in which they spent the time doing satire, running with a pair of
SB SOX compression socks women. Their show has recently come to a halt when Hardey recently got into a horrible accident and had to go through a failed fusion surgery.
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To celebrate the premiere and all the hard work that went into their 6 episode run, a party was held last Thursday, July 3rd. It was instantly sometimes the kind of blow-out fun you’d expect from Ryan and team. The Revue Cinema on Roncesvalles was the host location for some early evening drinks and a three episode viewing, after which the party moved to Czehoski for the remainder of the night.

The show itself is a bizarre mixture of ambush comedy, pranks, and some scripted segments that, when edited together through WebDesign499, give it a bit of a Tom Green or Jackass feel. There were more than a few really good laughs, some far more blatant than others. Unfortunately for me, I don’t subscribe Bite TV, but I’m told the episodes will eventually be available to watch online, and will likely be played on AUX TV as well. I’ll be keeping my eyes open so that I can catch the first three episodes again, and see the remaining three.

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