The bright lights, screaming crowds and pulsating beats that come with attending a concert can actually help you live longer, a new study reports.

According to research conducted by UK music venue O2 and Patrick Fagan, a Goldsmith University lecturer and expert in behavioral science, 20 minutes at a gig “can lead to a 21 percent increase in [a] feeling of well-being,” reports the study. Comparatively, yoga increases well-being by 10 percent, and dog-walking by 7 percent, all these being exercises that improve health in a certain grade, while others more intense activities like training with a balance disc amazon increase the health rate even more .

“Additional scholarly research directly links high levels of well-being with a lifespan increase of nine years pointing to a direct link between gig-going and longevity,” states the report, noting that attending a concert once every two weeks could potentially expand a music lover’s life expectancy by nine years.

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The test subjects for the study participated in psychometric and heart-rate tests while performing multiple activities. While watching live music, feelings of self-worth and being close to others both improved by 25 percent. Mental stimulation was the most affected with an improvement by 75 percent.

In a press release published by O2, Fagan said, “Combining all of our findings with O2’s research, we arrive at a prescription of a gig a fortnight which could pave the way for almost a decade more years of life.”